Guaranteed Security and Reliability for Telephone Hearings

Arkadin Legal Hearings has been specifically designed to meet the demands of UK courts in dealing with telephone hearings for civil cases and has full accreditation from the Ministry of Justice.  Our audio conference and digital recording services enable the UK legal system to efficiently, effectively and securely conduct legal hearings outside the confines of the court building.

Fixed cost of £40 includes the following features*:

  • 5 participants
  • 50 minutes
  • Dial-out
  • Operator Assistance
  • Digital recording
  • CD storage
  • All telecoms costs (UK fixed lines & mobiles)
  • Transcripts (additional, available on request)

Benefits of Arkadin Legal Hearings:

  • Save time: no need to travel to hearings or waste time waiting at court
  • Save money: cuts out travel expenses and drives down case costs
  • Increase efficiency: convert wasted time into client billing opportunities & reduce court preparation time
  • Simplified billing: monthly reports segmented by client and client case number
  • Dedicated operator support in the UK
  • Fast and flexible conference hearing set up
* More than five participants, calls over 50 minutes and non-UK lines will result in additional charges
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